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(no subject) [Jan. 2nd, 2009|09:40 pm]
Wow it has been awhile. The more things change the more they stay the same. Still with NW now Delta. Still gunnin after sales, although doing much better. Still getting into huge messes that twist my head off and make me say "hmm" Renewed my drivers license today so I am good for another 4 years. Computer hard drive crashed and lost a lot of really good pictures. There was one with this girl in a red dress.
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wow [Nov. 3rd, 2007|10:42 pm]
I got a nudge and so I thought I would post....wow it has been 25 weeks since I posted something, holy cow.


I am doing awesome at work. I guess I am the second place "Greg Norman" if you will. I am second in sales and locked in a free trip to the Dominican Republic for january. I got second in service for the contest they were running all summer for, umm service. That resulted in a semi-lousy banquet and a $40 gift card to Wal*mart, umm yay!

I bought a truck! The old--oldsmoblie finally puked out at 265,000 miles. I really liked that car. I am really happy with my truck. I still walk to work everyday with is environmentally conscious so yay me on that...plus it is fiscally responsible.

I have 206 pay periods until I dont have to pay child support. I am happy I get to see the kids either tueday or wed every week. No sleepovers but weekly visits are nice.

I am still cool.
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(no subject) [May. 6th, 2007|11:41 pm]
Hey. I am famous. My picture was in the hibbing tribune which means 27 people saw it. YAY the circus is over.
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2007|12:36 pm]
I have decided to sell my motorcycle. I have been undecided over the last couple of days on what I should do. I got a great deal on it and it is a nice bike, but other than the one trip to Ely and just skirting around town, I dont ride it. Grant on that it is because I dont have a license or insurance but that is easily obtainable. I think insurance is around $120 and a license would be around $25. It seems like that is a cost I would rather not bear. I bought the bike for $500 and I got a guy who may pay $800 I think that is a pretty good investment. That is 60% in three years...well not counting the helmet, insurance and licensing. If this guy backs out then yeah I will keep it.

I will be glad when the circus ads selling obligation I got myself under is over. I feel extremely guilty in the fact that I put practically zero effort into it. I am a lazy bastard. I have a daily routine and I really like it. Then on the "my days off" I dont like the weighty obligation of doing something I dont really want to do. It isnt like it is hard or anything. I have a couple mor eplaces to stop at and then I am done. whew! I think my days in the shrine are numbered. I dont really get a lot out of it. I suppose it could just lay dormant for several years...

I was calculating and it will be 5 years separated/divorced this august, wow! I am seeing the kids every wednesday and that is going well. We hang out and eat supper together. It is kind of fun.
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2007|12:49 am]
Grandiose self-bragging. I went down to "the cities" and met with the ceo and pres of the company. I have made a name for my self...I am the pink flamingo/hi-five guy...it sounds like a drink. Other that that I am anti-social and depressed.
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cuz I got a nudge [Mar. 19th, 2007|12:28 am]
I figured I would update. Incredible just incredible, 3 words or less on what is going on in my life. Incredible is such a great word, I like the definition "so extrodinary as to seem immposible"

What was incredible is my first paid vacation of my life. I took off for San diego the first of februry. I actually flew into LAX and then drove down to SD. That was quite an adventure. I felt bad passing a state trooper doing about 85 mph but everyone else was doing it too! I enjoyed the Zoo in San Diego. I didnt make it to the Wild Animal park which I am told is better. I spent almost a day at Balboa Park "cutural center" of the United States. The best part was the model railroad museum. I could watch that for hours. I ate lobster tacos on the ocean beach pier and then became mesmerized by the ocean. I can see why people like living there. The on thing everyone seesm to do is run. I was going to ask someone if that was a law or something.

My trip got better as I flew from LAX to Washington DC. I almost didnt go. I got to the airport too early and had to wait outside which wasnt bad considering it was about 75 out. Dc was cold and expecting colder weather and I was a bit homesick and missed my daily routine. But I used the deliberate selfmotivator "I am on a grand adventure" I flew to dc is it was fucking awesome! I said ay a hostel right downtown took the train from the airport to downtown and walked 8 or 10 blocks. I really enjoyed the downtown atmosphere. The hostel was great although the staff was a little unfriendly. but for 25 bucks a night it isnt too shabby. I mainly went out there to see the Temple. I arrived on a sunday and left on tuesday morning so I wasnt there for a long time. I spent most of monday at the Temple reading in the library. I am definitely going back. The best part is I got about $2200 worth of travel for $0.00. I paid for my car rental in cali and my hotel in cali and then the train tkt and the hostel which was about $450 and my holiday bonus check was $375 so it worked out rather well! and the car was around 150 bucks which i splurged and got an upgrade....

Work is going well. I was invited to attend a special meeting this week in Minneapolis to reward me for my selling skillz. As a new agent I am in the top 5% in the office in sales which impresses all the honchos. The summit trip for top-sellers is in the Dominican Republic in jan 08. I am definitely going to be there...the question is if I go as a platinum seller or just a Gold seller. It is generally a good time at work. I just have problems with patience after about 6 hours then my terse sardonic wit shines through....but people still love me.

I am still baically going to work and then going home to sleep. Incredible.
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(no subject) [Nov. 27th, 2006|02:19 pm]
Wow a whole month slipped by. November was a busy month with the international training[sic] I worked a lot of overtime and that kind of wears one thin. I got my shift bid of 3pm to 11:30pm with wed/thurs off. That was a bonus. There are a lot of open shifts yet. International sales are fun because they are expensive. I booked a guy from sfo to pvg and sfo to ams and then sfo to pek in 20 minutes...total cost $8000 I was like wow! The award travel is a little different. It usually dioesnt work to get a perksaver on the dates you want to travel. December starts qualifying for summit. I also got wpd as a skill rating. I want to be a million dollar seller on the domestic line. That is saying somethig.

I picked up thanksgiving for a gal and ended up being late...there goes my perfect attendance. I think I will ease up on the extra shifts and ot. I need some time to recover.

I am getting ready to re-arrange the house. It has been a year and a half so I think I am ready. The place also needs a good scrub down. I wish I was more of a spartan type...too much clutter around.

I want to take a nap now but I should be getting ready for work. That is where I need that recovery just 2 more days for 2 off.

1 friend has abandoned their jouornal and 1 friend has deleted hers...goodbye it was nice reading you...

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(no subject) [Oct. 29th, 2006|12:49 pm]
Just a few things. The mediacom gravy train is over. Kelly tried to set me up with a dtd special but apparently that isnt allowed after comeing off an employee discount. I cancelled cable television services as I never watch tv. I kept the internet for now. I think DSL is cheaper. I will look into that.

Sales at work--$94000 month to date. The average for the probationary class is $46000 so I am laping most of them. 3 simple ways; take 10 calls an hour, 2 dts an hour, and make it aware the ticket will only be more expensive if you call back. A certain person is back from some illness and she takes a cubicle that I like sitting in. bleah. International training starts 09nov. It will be nice to be able to take the calls. I think after 10pm there are no international agents working so the caller gets bumped around to people that cannot help them. I would be frustrated if that happened to me.

I have kind of slipped as Master. I am unable to attend lodge and it is also difficult to plan for when I manage a trade. I know I am expected to continue next year but I wont accept it. I want to look forward to lodge not regret that it is lodge night. I think that is what happend when one is acccelerated through the process. Don and I have had several discussion on ways to increase the intellectualism of the members and yet the two of us should be initiates an not trying to bring others up to our plane. We should be striving to get to another plane, or at least I should.

Mike pissed me off. I do not think I know it all. I offered a biased opinion based on my observation. If my opinions are not appreciated I will keep them to myself. He asked. It seems small business owners ask for feedback and do not accept or understand criticisim. Me I love it. Give me all the feedback you want. It is all wasy in which I can adjust my course. In most things I think I am efficient simply beacause I am lazy. I will endeavor to find the easiest way to accomplish a task. And in most things I am not easily overwhelmed. I am not sure what to do with the new information I got. I am tempted to tell Mike to fuck off because that is a long walk. Sabins does have a few benefits that Tommy's does not. I would have liked it if Brandi got a job there. But there you go...what would i rather do go to a bar or stay home alone?
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2006|12:21 pm]
UPDATE.... .. .. .. . . I always seem to have stuff to say when I am not by the computer and then when I am those thoughts seem to escape me and I am left with this drivel. In studying Kabbalah I came across an interesting passage...(rimshot), nobody appreciates my humor..anyway it said it is not what you believe that is important it is what you experience. The experience makes it real for you. It is feelings and the exprience that make my reality. I thought about that in relation to prove that God exists and all the atheistic morons. It was a nice thought.
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(no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2006|02:52 am]
weight--257 lbs oops going the wrong way.

@200,000 (unofficial) I am pretty happy about that. 200 grand in sales isnt too shabby. I think we are about 7 days away from being on the phone for 100 days. I am having fun at work...except when I am on hold for about an hour and have to "pinch a loaf". I didnt mind but I am thinking others didnt really care for the smell, hehe.

I got a reply from this one girl. She said we are 1000 miles away and have nothing in common. I guess that is the story. The thing we dont have in common is an open-mindedness as to the potential of what could occur. So be it. It is kind of depressing but what the heck. We have brought nothing into this world nor can we take anything out... I am thinking am in the perfect job for me. I am good for about a 600 second relationship. Either people get tired of me or .... It is funny, even what I would consider as my best friend didnt start out by liking me. I guess I am the kind of guy that takes awhile...

I have decided not to cut my hair. I am gonna see how long I can go before I cut my hair or shave. Some what like a nazirite. more on that later.

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